Inventory management is complicated . . . Are you using the best tools?

Sage Inventory Advisor utilizes your Sage ERP data to help identify where your biggest inventory improvements can be made—all at an affordable price. Check it out for yourself; use the calculator below to see how affordable adding Sage Inventory Advisor can be for your organization.

See how affordable optimizing your inventory can be.

“In just five months, Sage Inventory Advisor has saved Hubert Glass Oil in excess of $300,000 . . . from an overall reduction in inventory thanks to our ability to order just what we need, just in time. We’ve weeded out slow-selling items and are focusing on the high-volume, high-profit items.”
Les Johnson, controller
Hubert Glass Oil

More good news

Let them call you a genius.

Sage Inventory Advisor takes decision making to a whole new level. By providing a daily diagnostic of the inventory that makes a difference to the bottom line, Sage Inventory Advisor helps reduce time spent on forecasts while automatically identifying where your biggest improvements can be made.

What you can reduce:

  • Lost sales due to stock-outs
  • Capital invested in inventory
  • Time spent on manual tasks
  • Dollars forfeited on half-full containers
  • Overages and slow-moving inventory

What you can improve:

  • Productivity by automating the purchase order process
  • Visibility into inventory across multiple locations
  • Fill rates and customer service
  • Forecasting and replenishment timing
  • Decision making with 24/7 access to data from anywhere*

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