More users. More speed.
More database capacity.
Get more of everything with
Sage 50 Quantum Accounting.
Enjoy all the functionality of Sage 50 Accounting—U.S. Edition products and so much more—customized to your business. With the same interface you use now, you can obtain the increased capacity you need for users and data without having to learn an entirely new program.

More users

  • Add up to 40 users.1
  • Increase workflow and productivity.
  • Improve security with role-based access.

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting accommodates up to 40 named users, available in packages of 1 - 10 individual licenses, and 15, 20, 30, or 40 licenses. Role-based security allows you to assign specific roles to each user to limit access to data and functional areas required for that job.

More capacity and speed
  • Save transactions 90% faster.2
  • Access reports in less than a second.
  • Get more done—faster.
Speed up your workflow with much faster handling of many Sage 50 tasks and increased database capacity. If your current database is at or near 250,000KB (250MB), Sage 50 Quantum Accounting can save you valuable time on reports or transactions.
To check the size of your Sage 50 (formerly Sage Peachtree) database . . .

Step 1: Open Sage 50 Accounting. In the Help menu, select “Customer Support and Service,” then select “File Statistics.”
Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the total database size.

If your database is close to or more than 250,000KB, call 888-579-2010.

Specialized capabilities

  • Take advantage of industry-specific capabilities in construction, manufacturing, distribution, and non-profit.
"We are saving time in every department and in every operation. Sage 50 Quantum Accounting literally saves us tens of thousands of dollars every year."

Patricia Kendall, Systems Administrator Benner-Nawman, Inc.
Intelligence Reporting
  • Make smarter decisions faster with advanced reporting and analysis.
  • Enjoy complete access to Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting.
  • Update reports automatically with real-time data.

Produce powerful, usable reports right away. Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting is an integrated solution that gives you customizable Microsoft® Excel®-based business reports, automatically updated with real-time data pulled directly from Sage 50—and even other databases—into any report template you've saved.

Sage makes it easy to customize reports and gets you started with these standard options.

Who doesn't love quick ROI? Sage Intelligence Reporting is ready to launch from within your Sage 50 Quantum Accounting solution; no installation is required. It's Microsoft® Excel®-based, so the tools and features may already feel familiar and intuitive, and it comes with powerful and useful standard reports you can produce right away:

Available reports  


  • Company Dashboard
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Top-Ten Customers
  • Purchasing Analysis
  • Financial Reports

Income statements

  • Comparative Financial Report
    Actual vs. Budget
  • Comparative Financial Report
    Actual vs. Prior
  • Comparative Financial Report
    Current Period vs. YTD vs. Prior Year

Balance sheets

  • Comparative Financial Report—Actual vs. Prior
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and YTD Financial Report
View sample reports in Microsoft Excel


  • Customize your dashboard.
  • Personalize your navigation.
  • Focus on what you need.

It’s all about you. Navigate your way and create your own dashboards and views of Sage 50 Quantum Accounting so you can zero in on the information that matters most.

"Sage 50 Quantum Accounting is a dynamic product that has scaled with us as our business has grown. That scalability increases our return on investment."

Wanda Goodman, CFO
Halgo PEC

Automated workflows

  • Make workflow systems and order processing effortless.
  • Easily track sales and purchasing details.
  • Automatically route critical process-driven activities.
Sage 50 Quantum Accounting tracks the details in your company’s sales and purchasing processes, so nothing slips through the cracks. Ensure everyone stays informed with automated routing of critical activities to the right person at the right time.

Project management center

  • Proactively manage your jobs.
  • Track job status from start to finish.
  • Quickly satisfy your real-time reporting needs.

Streamline project management with the comprehensive, customizable Job and Project Management Center. Easily track every job with a dedicated job tab in the navigation panel, one-click access to all job-costing functions, and real-time reports.

Total service plan

  • Enjoy all the benefits of our autorenewing total service plan—included.
  • Get unlimited access to customer support, including real-time, in-product support chat with one single click.
  • Access all product enhancements, exclusive training, and more.

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting includes all the benefits of Sage Business Care, our autorenewing total service plan. Take advantage of unlimited customer support with built in in-product support chat for Sage 50 Quantum Accounting, as well as product upgrades and updates, web-based training opportunities, and exclusive webcasts.

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